Our Technology

Our Oxyion technology eliminates up to 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, mold and odors, without chemicals and without leaving residues, since it only uses room air as its basic element. This technology has no harmful effects to people and is environmentally friendly.

Manufactured by IPAM Group, the OXYION ™ technology is an applied engineering solution focused on air purification and surface sanitation. Developed more than 25 years ago by professional experts in the field of biotechnology, it is a unique and harmless solution for people’s health.

It consists of a Modulated Dielectric Barrier Discharge (MDBD) device, composed of HFM & SRM (High Frequency Module & Sequential Regulation Module) units connected to a reaction chamber with a set of open electrodes, which is specially designed to produce modulated electrical pulse discharges at two different frequencies. This electrical discharge generates a type of Non Thermal Plasma (NTP) composed of water vapor, oxygen, hydrogen, reactive nitrogen and molecules including peroxides, hydroxyl radicals, as well as trace-level ozone. This NTP forms a set of atoms and molecules with synergistic effect for the neutralization, destruction and active elimination of microorganisms present in the air and surfaces. For this purpose, applied engineering associated to each case has been developed, which allows applications in a safe, clean and highly efficient way.

In this way, a wide variety of organic and microbiological contaminants are controlled, increasing the biosafety of the air we breathe inside cars, work areas, offices, restaurants, clinics, hotels and public spaces. With Airlife, environments are left free of up to 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, mold and unpleasant odors, protecting the health of people in their daily activities.

Air to be treated. Air purified by Airlife.
The Oxyion technology has been validated and/or certified in results, design and manufacturing by more than 40 international studies, among them: Microbiological studies performed by Food Safety & Process Technology (USA), Cesmec (Chile), Ainia (Spain), Intertek (Intl.), and the European Community CE Certification, (Spain), thus complying with all worldwide safety standards.
Effect of Oxyion Technology® to create a safe environment for the control of human
Coronavirus on various inoculated surfaces.
Effect of a Reactive Oxygen Species – Generating System for Control of Airborne
Microorganisms in a Meat – Processing Environment.
Evaluation of the Efficacy of ROS reactor at Reducing Populations of Methicillin
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Evaluation of the application of Oxyion technology to reduce contamination in
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Neutralization of Escherichia coli, Listeria and Salmonella in cooling coils, cardboard,
wood, stainless, steel and plastic.

Inactivation of Enterococcus faecium on Whole Walnuts by Atmospheric Cold Plasma.

Evaluation of activated oxygen system to control botrytis and decay in perishables.

Evaluation of Oxyion Technology for aspergillus environmental fungus reduction.

Prediction of the sanitization periodicity of a vehicle’s air conditioning and cabin
circuit using Oxyion/ Airlife system.
Response Surface modeling for the inactivation of Listeria monocytogenes on stainless
Steel surfaces by Oxyion treatment
Evaluation of reaction chamber and reactive species for reducing microbial populations
on stainless steel, plastic and polyethylene surfaces.
Study of the effect of the sanitization of Oxyion Technology on the development of
environmental mold inside a vehicle.
Oxyion Technology creating a safe food environment in the elimination of Infulenza A,
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Microbiological Report on air and surfaces in Oxyion Airlife – treated vehicles.
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