Every day, millions of people get into their vehicles to travel from one place to another. In these environments – inside vehicles – there are countless viruses, mold, bacteria and bad odors, which cause diseases, allergies and unpleasant environments.
Airlife’s technology, applied directly to the passenger compartment in a 20-minute process, leaves the air purified, free of all pathogenic elements and unpleasant odors (tobacco, pets and others).


Your car accumulates contamination in the ventilation system, which generates a large amount of bacteria, mold and viruses. In addition, unpleasant odors from tobacco and food permeate your car’s upholstery.


Sanitization inside your vehicle. Clean ventilation ducts, free of microorganisms.
It eliminates mold, bacteria and viruses, thus reducing possible contagions.
It eliminates odors of organic origin, especially tobacco, food and pets.

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